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Find Your Strength: Head Coach Jemma's Expertise in Personal Training and Advanced Strength Coaching

Jemma is a seasoned personal trainer and strength coach with a wealth of experience spanning over 10 years in sports coaching and personal training. Providing both online, remote coaching and one to one personal training and strength coaching in Llangollen Gym. Jemma is dedicated to providing bespoke fitness guidance, with a specialised focus on biomechanics analysis to help you achieve your wellness goals.

I honestly believe that it is not about ‘becoming perfect’, it is about knowing how perfect you already are. I am far from perfect. And what even is ‘perfect’ anyway.  I am a wife, mother of two, powerlifter, former Britain's strongest woman, 2x Guiness world record holder, personal trainer/strength coach and business owner - but alas, not perfect. But I am happy. 

I understand how to coach people to do all sorts of cool things, BUT most importantly I will support you to love yourself at every stage of that journey and be absolutely happy with who you are and what you can do! And I am a deeply spiritual person, so expect some hippy dippy advice along the way. I believe in whole wellness, starting from within and extending the training and nutrition. 

It shouldn’t take us years to learn to enjoy the body we are given to experience life in, for this brief period of time! It is so unimportant how we appear to others. What is important is how we feel inside, what experiences our bodies are able to carry us into and learning how strong you are both physically and mentally. 

And anyway, exercise shouldn’t be a chore! It shouldn’t be a punishment for what you ate. It is a celebration of what your body can do, what you can achieve today that you couldn’t yesterday. What are you able to experience in life, because you have the strength and wellness to say ‘YES’! 

Maybe today, you can squat down to pick up a toddler when this wasn’t possible last month. Maybe you reach the top of the stairs and are not gassed out. Or perhaps you smash an Ironman in a record time. These are all equal achievements. There is no superiority in achievement. 

And then we have exercise, chemically, as a stimulus for amazing mental health. 

Chemically, optimal mental health is influenced by neurotransmitters and hormones. Serotonin contributes to mood stability, while dopamine affects pleasure and motivation. Regular exercise releases endorphins, acting as natural mood elevators. Balancing these chemicals through factors like a healthy diet and stress management is crucial for overall mental well-being.

Jemma has tailored training and coaching for a Diverse Clientele. Providing a whole range of training;  function strength personal training, sports conditioning training, strength training, powerlifting coaching and strongman coaching. This coaching can be online strength coaching, one to one strength coaching and personal training in Llangollen and distance one off training programs.

Jemma's professional journey has embraced a diverse clientele, ranging from accomplished athletes pursuing peak performance to individuals seeking a healthier lifestyle. Whether your fitness objectives align with bodybuilding or rehabilitation, Jemma possesses the expertise to tailor training programs to suit your unique requirements.

What sets Jemma apart is her understanding of biomechanics, cultivated through years of advanced analysis. This ensures that your workout regimen not only yields optimal results but also prioritises your safety and long-term well-being. Jemma remains abreast of the latest industry advancements, integrating science-backed training methodologies into her approach.

And you have found your biggest cheerleader! Transcending the conventional role of a personal trainer. Drawing from her experiences as an athlete, wife, and mother, she brings a holistic perspective to your fitness, strength and wellness journey. Jemma's warm and supportive nature serves as a constant motivator, making every stride towards your goals a fulfilling and empowering experience.

Your goals will be truly personal. When it comes to finding a strength training coach, remote personal trainer or one to one personal training; ensure you place your trust in capable hands as you embark on a fitness journey destined for success. Jemma has a reputation as a dedicated, knowledgeable, and caring personal trainer. Whether your aspirations align with athletic excellence, muscle development, or overall well-being, Jemma will guide you towards achievement - hopefully laughing all along the way. 


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