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Step into the all-new Stubbs Performance Centre, where expert coaching meets a warm welcome for all! Situated in Llangollen by the serene River Dee, this membership gym not only offers stunning valley views but also boasts top-notch coaching to elevate your fitness journey. Come join our inclusive community and discover your best self!


Get ready for an exceptional fitness experience! Our gym is stocked with high-quality equipment tailored to diverse training needs. Enjoy 24-hour access, convenient parking, changing rooms, a treatment area, and a scenic riverside balcony for added relaxation. Additionally, find a variety of workout support, supplements, shakes, and trendy gym clothing—all available to enhance your fitness journey!

Stubbs Performance isn't just a gym; it's a community hub—a place where shared goals and values unite. We cultivate a safe, welcoming space where everyone can explore the holistic world of physical activity.
At Stubbs Performance, we're passionate about merging physical strength with mental well-being.


A gym with a mental health strategy represents more than just a physical space—it symbolizes our vision for a world where mental well-being takes center stage. It's a statement about prioritising and valuing our mental health, shaping how we all approach and cherish our well-being.

Five years ago, Jemma Stubbs laid the foundation for Stubbs Performance—a dream fueled by passion and dedication. Since then, our center has blossomed into a thriving community, evolving from strength to strength (pun intended!). Here, you'll find a family of welcoming, caring individuals, creating an environment perfect for beginners and seasoned athletes alike to thrive.

Jemma's journey as an athlete continues to unfold. In 2021, she clinched the title of Britain's Strongest Woman, adding to her impressive collection of national and Guinness world records in strength sports.

But Jemma understands first hand the challenge of balance. As a mother, wife, business owner, and accomplished athlete, she's here to support you in crafting a healthy lifestyle that suits your unique journey.


Ready to join our vibrant community? Become a member now and embark on a journey toward your best self!


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